Playing II

It did not take long for the action to get real, as they say. One of first hands, after there were 3 or 4 real players at the table, I hit a pocket pair of jacks. I was able to bid up the pot & it was already sizable before the flop. I did not hit anything on the flop which concerned me because there was a queen & an ace on the table so I knew that there was a good chance someone was beating me right then if they had either of those cards in the hole. One particular player took to the offensive right away pushing the pot up but everyone stayed in.

The next card was a jack. I was excited but maintained control considering the circumstances. I did not even have to be the first to best the same player bet & I raised him to see what he was made of. Everyone but the 2 of us dropped out at this point but they had already pushed so much into the pot that they donated their fair share anyway. He & I knew we would be playing this hand till the end. I had to be concerned because if he had a pocket pair it could spell disaster for me in the end but what is gambling if not a risky business, right?

On the last card I hit the last jack & I knew at that point that I was going to win this hand. It was only a matter of playing it right & taking as much as I could. He did not bet this time. Amazingly, it seemed, he wanted to just end the hand but I was not going to allow it. He must have had something or I knew he would not have been in it so long. I pushed my stack all in. He was not even reluctant he pushed all in as well.

Once the card were shown it was a really good hand. He was sitting on a pair of queens in the hole. He had 3 queens & 2 jacks making a full house. He was extremely confident that he was the winner. He believed he had fooled me & taken me for a ride until I revealed my cards & he learned that I had taken him instead. His full boat stood no chance against my 4 of a kind. I had in that one hand pushed the pot up to well over $15,000.00 U.S.

That’s right I said it, I made over $10,000.00 on that hand of poker. I did that with my hobby in my spare time. I stood up from the table after that & banked the money. I went to bed where my wife was reading & waiting for me to join her & when I told her she was so excited she rewarded me further for my efforts….

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