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I had a rough day yesterday. I had to get up early to go into a meeting at the office early. It was madness. There are all sorts of changes coming to the company. There is going to be some restructuring & some downsizing so I am not really sure how secure my job is. I had to work after the meeting just like nothing happened, of course, because now we don’t know who is staying & going at the office. I managed to get through the day without any more mishaps, thank goodness. I am pretty good at my job so I hope they will see that & decide I am welcome to stay. It would be hard to find another job that is so suiting to me & my needs. I usually roll with the punches so I’m sure I will be fine either way.

After a hard day at work, I came home to a house full of kids. Everything wants some of my time & rightfully so. They all deserve it. I have a great family that loves me & I am happy as can be for that. My wife spends her days at home making sure the family stays on track but she needs a hand from me when I get home so I help out. After dinner, we start giving the kids their baths for the night. We have 5 kids so it takes some time. She starts with the 2 youngest while I do the dishes & watch the other 3 kids. After she is done we send the kids in one at a time & it takes around 2 hours for the entire house to be ready to settle down for the evening. Everyone sits in the living room we either watch a movie or some TV for a while.

I can not ever seem to get any time for my hobby until the house really calms down & the kids are in bed. I love to gamble online. I am pretty good at it so it does not cost us much to maintain & sometimes I win a good amount which is nice too. Last night went well for me at the tables. Once I was able to focus & get into a groove it seemed like I could not lose. I was winning pot after pot & making some OK money but there were no real players there until late.

Eventually, a couple of people sat down who had stacks. They were player & just what I was waiting for. I had already won a bit to begin with so I knew I had some spare change to toss around. That’s when things got exciting.

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