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Once again, it is time to present the 2009 awards for best online gambling casino, as determined by our readers and contributors.

Hottest Casino: Cherry Red Casino

There was very little arguing over this one. Sure, can play with any of the big boys when it comes to The Four S’s (sophistication, selection, service, and satisfaction), but the thing that sets it apart is how deliciously indulgent everything looks. From the very first time you see, you just want to buy the site a drink and get to know it better. Or maybe put whipped cream all over the site and serve it a la mode. No, what you really want to do is sign up and play some of the best online games available anywhere. The environment is stimulating, but it’s also rewarding and completely safe and secure. And if the many other temptations don;t leave you breathless, try this: five-figure progressive jackpots and a $777 welcome bonus. Now stop drooling and sign up already!

I did and the results made it possible for me to take my girlfriend for a jaunt at an e commerce site that sold silver rings from Some were only sterling silver, and some included cubic zirconia crystals as the cut stones. They are strikingly brilliant stones that outshine even real diamonds. These beautiful ‘fake diamond rings’ are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. My girlfriend was thrilled and the rings didn’t break the bank. I say thank you to, as does my girlfriend who is sporting her cubic zirconia and sterling silver engagement and wedding rings right now!

Classiest Casino: Rome Casino

As with our first winner, does everything right and is second to none when it comes to the Four S’s. However, if you want to gamble in an environment that brings to mind the classic casinos that we all know and love, or the sophistication of the Old World, or even the grandeur of the Ancient World, the choice is clear. Whether you consider yourself to be a plebian or patrician, you’ll appreciate the thousands of dollars in welcome bonuses, not to mention the constant bonuses offered on a daily and weekly basis at

Most Fun Casino: SlotsOasis

There were knock-down, drag-out fights over this award. But in the end, even the passionate advocates of other online casinos had to admit that has that elusive factor that just makes you want to play and play and play some more. You’re actually 11.3% more likely to smile at this casino, and we rigorously tested those results several times. Is it the variety? The choices? The colors and sounds? The Super Jackpot Party download? Very hard to say for sure, but it helps to know that in addition to their 75+ slots, can boast a seriously fun version of just about any casino game you can think of. And with one of the best sign-up bonuses in the business, can even make you smile while you’re looking at your bank account — a very rare thing, indeed.

Best All-Around Casino: Golden Casino

This was easily the hardest decision we made. After all, each of these casinos did far above the norm in the Four S’s (sophistication, selection, service, and satisfaction), and any one of them would have made a fine choice for this award as well. But in the end, it was the online casino that provided the most consistently excellent results in every category that took home the All-Arounder. is not only well-known, but well-respected in the online casino business, and it shows from their legions of loyal customers. If they didn’t have the long-term goods to back up their amazing welcome bonus, you’d be looking at a big blank testimonial page. However, they get more repeat business than an echo company (no, I can’t find an echo company in the yellow pages either).

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