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Latest news: has raised the stakes on their sign-up bonus package. The incredible $555 (matching 100% of your deposit) is just as good as ever, but now they have an offer in which all first-time depositors get free entry into 4 Tournaments of their choice (and they mean it! Any tournament, any time). Use any of these coupon codes (limit one per week, but that’s not much of a limit!): VT471, VT471B , VT471C, VT471D
And, of course, is still running their weekly online surprise bonuses and daily bonuses. Even we don’t know what it will be, but it’s never failed to make us happy when it happens!

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Not to be outdone, the always-generous (home of the sim slots free games!) is offering:

An incredible total of 10 bonuses worth up to $5,000. Basically, if you’re a fan of Slots, Video Slots, Keno and/or Scratch Cards, they’ll match you 50% just to play the game you love. Or if you’re looking to play as a US player, check out – the best slots directory – no, the best online casino directory.
The coupons are different depending on the day, so pay attention. For Tuesday, it’s FIAT11.1, FIAT11.2, FIAT11.3, FIAT11.4, FIAT11.5
On Thursday, it’s FIAT13.1, FIAT13.2, FIAT13.3, FIAT13.4, FIAT13.5

Now, don’t you fans of Blackjack and Video Poker start to grumble — you’ve got the very same deal (that’s an extra 50% just to play the game you love), just with different coupons.

On Tuesday: HYUNDAI11.1, HYUNDAI11.2, HYUNDAI11.3, HYUNDAI11.4, HYUNDAI11.5

On Thursday: HYUNDAI13.1, HYUNDAI13.2, HYUNDAI13.3, HYUNDAI13.4, HYUNDAI13.5

And of course, you can redeem each coupon only once, conditions apply, yadda yadda yadda. Check out to get all the details.
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The weekly bonuses at just keep getting better and better. If you’re a fan of slots and/or keno, you get unlimited 50% bonuses. And the table games players aren’t left out…we’re talking about a bonus of unlimited 10% cashback. If you’re not excited about those, then you probably don’t know what “unlimited” means. First check a dictionary and then quickly check out the details at

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Hmm, this seems familiar…incredible bonus coupon codes with the names of cars. I can’t quite put my finger on it…oh yeah, two paragraphs ago. But this time, it’s my delicious friends at

Same deal as before: get 50% extra for 10 deposits on Tuesday and/or Thursday.

Slots, Video Slots, Keno and Scratch Cards get one set of codes:

On Tuesday: VOLVO11.1, VOLVO11.2, VOLVO11.3, VOLVO11.4, VOLVO11.5

On Thursday: VOLVO13.1, VOLVO13.2, VOLVO13.3, VOLVO13.4, VOLVO13.5

Blackjack and Video Poker have their own fine automobile theme with these codes:

Tuesday: HONDA11.1, HONDA11.2, HONDA11.3, HONDA11.4, HONDA11.5
Thursday: HONDA13.1, HONDA13.2, HONDA13.3, HONDA13.4, HONDA13.5

And, as before, check out the full details at before you do anything.