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I still run into people who have not yet enjoyed the online casino experience. Okay, everybody moves at their own pace and a few of my long-time gambling buddies aren’t as savvy with the whole internet thing as they could be.

Take my friend Martin. He’s a heck of a guy, we go back a long ways. Back in the day, Martin and I were gambling fiends. We’re talking Atlantic City regulars, and Vegas a few times a year. But he got busy with his family and career, and more power to him. Sure, I missed having the guy with me, but not everybody can make a whole life out of gambling the way I have.

So a few years back, he developed a problem with his hip and ended up spending a lot more time at home. His kids got him a computer and set it up for him, but he never really took to it. It started gathering dust, he’d just use it to check emails and plays a few rounds of those horrible card games that come with the operating system. He didn’t really like going to the casinos any more — the strain and trouble with his body was one thing, but the crowds, the noise, the expense were all things he found he could just as well do without.

Still, I could tell he missed the gambling. With Martin, it was a love of the game, of playing the odds, all the little tricks and patterns and movements that he loved. He could not care less about all the usual casino details and distractions — he was there to play, whether it was poker or blackjack for serious gambling or online slots for fun. He knew ’em all, and he was good.

So I go over there one day, and he’s reminiscing about the old days, and I finally have to say to him: “Hey, buddy…you got that nice computer over there, you can play all the games you want, any time. Geez, Marty, you don’t even need to get dressed or drive anywhere; you can just log on to one of those online casino sites any hour of the day or night and play as little or as much want!”

Well, Marty’s got a bunch of things to say about that. He’s not exactly a nervous guy, but he’s been hearing all these things about hackers and pirates and who-knows-what. I have to say, “listen, buddy, these sites are on the level. They’re no fly-by-night places; they’ve got the best people on the internet designing their security and they protect your money and your identity like it’s their own.”

So he says: “Well, how good can those games be?” Remember, he’s been playing some ten-year-old solitaire game and thinks that’s still what computer card games are like.

I just smile and say, “Marty, welcome to the 21st Century.”

We get his computer up and running, and I take him on over to first because I know he’ll be blown away by the graphics. He’s like a little kid, amazed at the colors and sounds, and I get him playing some of the free versions of the games they got over there. Then I show him to really get him going — he gets this shine in his eyes that I haven’t seen since the last time we went to The Strip. He starts talking about one casino in particular that we spent a lot of time at, and I send him to and say “you mean, something like this?” and he laughs.

“Jeez, it’s better than being there,” he says.

Hours later, he’s ended up signing up with — I think it was all the testimonials that turned him around, all the folks talking about how good the online casino’s customer service had been to them over the years. By the time I left that night, he was already about fifty bucks richer, and looking forward to his first poker tournament (with a bunch real guys, from all over) in about fifteen years.

All this from a guy who thought emails and crappy solitaire games were the best his computer had to offer. Marty, just glad to help.

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