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Reese Williams is a blogger and professional gambler who specializes in Texas Holdem. He has written many posts on both the practical and philosophical aspects of gambling. He also has a deep interest in the commercialization of cubic zirconia, especially cubic zirconia rings, or cz rings as he refers to them. Cubic zirconia crystals are often mistaken for diamonds, but are even more brilliant and perfect for novelty jewelry items. Reese always wears at least one cz ring from his own collection whenever he’s in a tournament. Gives him luck and confidence. Here’s his take on his attitude toward gambling.

Everybody’s got the potential to be a great gambler. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

All you need are three things: luck, know-how, and practice.

I can’t help you with luck, but here’s a secret: it’s overrated. You can beg it and threaten it, you can take it out to dinner and you can yell at it like a guy who cuts you off in traffic, but it won’t make a bit of difference. When it comes, it comes in its own time and stays exactly as long as it wants and not one second longer. There just ain’t anything you can do about luck.

Know-how is a different matter. You got a brain in your head, use it a little. Know the rules of the game. Read a book, watch a video, or (here’s a crazy thought) look up a gambling site on the internet.

Practice is another thing. All the luck in the world won’t make up for not knowing how to play, and all the knowledge in the world won’t replace the time you spend actually playing the game. And the more practice you get, the more know-how you’ll have…and you’ll be surprised to see that your luck seems to follow those two up as well.

Well, the casinos in Vegas certainly won’t let you get into a game without putting your money on the line, so how can you get good?

When it comes to casino games, there’s really only one good way to practice. The answer is right in front of you: an online casino. See, they don’t have to pay for the things that a “real” brick-and-mortar casino pays for, so they can afford to put all of their games online for free, knowing that you’ll be so impressed that you’ll come back and spend some money with them when you feel comfortable doing so.

Some of them have free games right there online, some you’ll have to download first. Either way, none of them give you cut-down or wimpy “freeware” versions, but the exact same games that you’ll be playing when it’s time to put your money on the line. The same exciting, stable, safe, smooth and downright good-looking games. If you like slots, has more free lots than you could imagine, and some of the best versions of all the other casino games too. has a system where you just download the software and play with FREE money until you’re ready to go big time. Same with…your “cashier” in their software is happy to add $1000 to your fun account anytime you think you need more practice. And has a unique “Play for money/ play for fun” choice on their sign-up page, so you can get right to the casino games online.

So do yourself a favor and stop by one or all of those online casinos. You have zero to lose, and what you stand to gain is skill, confidence, experience…in other words, know-how. And trust me, putting that to work at the online casinos can really pay off!

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