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Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from the online gambling experience. Every site is put together a little differently, but the best online slots for US citizens such as SlotCash and SunPalace aspire to have attractive, user-friendly design that makes getting to the fun parts as quick and painless as possible.

On the other hand if you like the hustle and electric excitement of gambling at a land based casino in Las Vegas, go for it. And if you plan on making it a family vacation, there is plenty of things to do other than gamble. A friend of mine from Las Vegas recently mentioned the new teenage brace craze with Invisalign teen Las Vegas style braces. I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently wearing braces as a teenager is not the painful and embarrassing ordeal it use to be. Now with the clear plastic aligners that are used in the orthodontic Invisalign System, most people will never know if a person is even wearing braces. Great news for teenagers. The end result is a great smile with well aligned teeth. I think the allusion to Las Vegas style has to do with the gorgeous smiles you see on all the entertainers and show people who populate the shows in this city of cards and dice.

Continuing in the online gambling vein…with online gambling, it doesn’t matter what you look like since you are most likely playing from the privacy of your own home. I have found that game variety and bonuses can make or break an online site. Some casinos, like Aladdin’s Gold excel at game selection (over 400!) while offering players substantial bonus offerings. For those who enjoy slots, DeckMedia has eight casinos with all the best casino game platforms to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with Slots Capital Casino, Desert Nights, Miami Club, Spartan Slots, Box 24, Black Diamond, Uptown Aces or SlotoCash casino. always has an updated list of slots for us players that are offering specials.

Generally, though, at most online casinos worth their salt, you’ll find a healthy variety of exciting free online casino games which you can play online for fun or if you wish you can play for money. Looking to play online bingo? Bingo Base is your first stop for comparing online bingo, reading bingo reviews, finding free bingo and great bingo bonuses.

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Here’s a visual walk-through in terms of what you can expect when you venture into an online casino:

First of all, you’ll see the main page. Many online casinos try to impress you or overwhelm you with fancy graphics and effects, but my four choices use their considerable multimedia talents in a tasteful and user-friendly way. They want to look good, of course, but they also want you to be able to get where you need to go. This one is from, a site which has always made everything look very tasty — and yet, incredibly easy to use.

Usually, the next thing you’ll see are things like sign-up pages, payment pages, download pages. The look of these is not very important, as your goal here is to have everything laid out clearly, with links to all of the information you might like to check. Trust me, you’ll want to take a minute or two before deciding on your user name; there are plenty of online gamblers out there who have had a lot of time to regret that nickname that seemed so funny the first or second time…

Then again, if you’re playing for free or have already passed the sign-up portion of your online gambling experience, the next area you’ll be likely to encounter is the main games lobby (this is one from You’ll see all of your games choices, laid out in sections by type of game. The best of the casinos will have a nice little icon or preview of the game, so you get a quick glimpse to make navigation even easier.

Some online casinos have a “framed” interface, where all the links and important info are on the outside of the page, and the specific thing that you happen to be looking at is in the middle. In this example, from, you’re looking at an informational screen while the games menu, main menu, and all important links share space with a snazzy game preview column. Whether your next step is a great new game or a needed bit of info, you’re only one click away!

Thousands of online casino players can’t be wrong! There are many casino and gambling portals of online casino games.

And, finally, the full-screen game view. We went out on a limb and showed you one of the more unusual choices, Sic Bo from (we could have showed you free slots, Wheel of Fortune Slots, et cetera, but we knew that’s exactly what you would have been expecting from online gambling– and we like to keep you on your toes!). Notice in particular how everything looks great, very realistic and impressive, but also that nearly everything you could possibly want to know is subtly included on the game screen. The odds, the limits, the denominations and all of your most helpful menu choices are easily viewable without taking anything away from the beautifully well-designed game itself.


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